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Meet the Vibrant Law Team

We're a small firm with big dreams of helping everyday people find solutions to their legal issues that help bring clarity, balance, and peace to their lives. 

More about Kristi

Every attorney is different, and it's important that you pick one that shares your values, and that you truly believe will be a good advocate for your needs. That's why Kristi is providing a little more information about her background and accomplishments. If you do decide to consult with Kristi, ask her about any of this information and she'll happily share more details with you! After all, one goal of Vibrant Law LLC is to relate to the community that we serve - we understand that we are a part of it and we probably have more in common than you might think.

Education and Community Involvement


Willamette University, College of Law, JD

Kristi focused on taking every class that would enable to her open her own firm as soon as possible. She entered and exited law school with a singular goal to work in family law. Along the way, through clerkships and relationships, she learned she also had a passion for probate and estate planning. Check out this article Willamette University recently published about Kristi's journey!


Portland State University, Bachelor of History

Kristi's classes were often focused on women's history, and more specifically, African American women's history. Beyond that, Kristi became passionate about learning foreign languages and spent 2.5 years studying French.

Helping the Community

Family Law Executive Committee board member; Portland Urban Debate League Board Member; attorney provider for Slavic Oregon Social Services

For the Family Law Executive Committee (FLEC) Kristi meets with a group of lawyers every month to help plan events and discuss the needs for the family law section of the Oregon State Bar.


For the Portland Urban Debate League (PUDL), Kristi is just starting her journey with helping make debate accessible to historically marginalized middle and high school students. 

For the Slavic Oregon Social Services (SOSS), Kristi provides legal representation at a discounted rate to clients who are often low income, survivors of domestic violence, and have experienced marginalization due to language and culture barriers. 

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